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Crete, the enchanting island in the Mediterranean, offers much more than sun and beaches. In the low season, when tourists are fewer, new opportunities open up to explore authentic and culturally rich Crete. Here are some of the holiday alternatives that make this island so special:
Photo of Knosso Palace
Art and culture
Crete is a true cultural treasure. In addition to the beaches, you can immerse yourself in history by visiting archaeological sites such as the palace of Knossos, with its majestic remains, and discover the ancient civilizations that inhabited these lands.
Venetian villages and ports
The island is home to charming Venetian villages. These historic structures, with their narrow streets and canals, will make you feel like you are in the heart of Venice. Explore their architectures and enjoy the unique atmosphere.
Photo of Agio Nikolaos
Photos of Samaria Gorge
Excursions and Gorges
Crete offers scenic trails, breathtaking gorges and routes for nature lovers. For example, the Samaria Gorge is a hidden place that holds the magic of a journey. Here you can hear the wind singing, see sheep grazing and immerse yourself in authentic Greek hospitality.
Monasteries and religion
Approximately 97% of Cretans identify as Greek Orthodox. Religious faith is deeply rooted on the island, and this is reflected in the abundant presence of monasteries and churches. Over the centuries, Crete has transitioned from Greek deities to Christianity, and many places of worship have been preserved as centers of devotion. One of these is the Arkadi Monastery, a place of great beauty. Its labyrinthine courtyards, with arches, columns and pergolas, are surrounded by flowering plants and fruit trees. The ancient Church, a two-aisled basilica with a stunning 16th-century façade, is a focal point within the monastery.
Photos of Arkadi Monastery
orthodox Easter
Easter in Crete is a time of intense spirituality and tradition, with celebrations spanning two weeks. Easter in Crete is truly a unique experience, full of culinary traditions and celebrations. The villages come alive during the Easter celebrations. Many Cretans return to their villages to participate in traditions passed down from generation to generation.
In summary, Crete is a mix of history, beautiful towns, dream beaches and authentic hospitality. It is an island that must be experienced and discovered, where every corner hides a surprise and every step brings you closer to its unique soul.
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